Creating standardised therapy resources across London

A physiotherapy workbook was first designed by a team of physiotherapists from St George's Hospital. The aim of the workbook was to help both students and rotational staff develop skills and knowledge in the management of stroke patients.

The original version has since been adapted and amended for use across a range of therapies.


Topics addressed within the physiotherapy workbook include basic neuro anatomy, guidelines and national initiatives, neurological assessment and gait.

Download the Physio Stroke Education Workbook .

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Topics addressed within the OT workbook include cognition and perception, vision and early mobilisation of the stroke patient.

Download the OT Education Workbook .

Salt and Language Therapy (SALT)

Topics addressed within the SALT workbook include cranial nerves, muscles of the face and CT and MRI scans.

Download the SALT Education Workbook .

Stroke Education for Dieticians

Topics addressed within the Stroke Education for Dieticians workbook include nutrition and stroke, dysphagia, enteral feeding and communication.

Download the Stroke Education for Dieticians workbook .

Stroke simulation training

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