Recent publications from the SLCSN Stroke team

Therapy workbooks

A range of stroke education workbooks are available for download, including:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Stroke education for dieticians

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Quarter 4 SINAP results released

The Stroke Improvement National Audit Programme (SINAP) is a clinical audit, which collects information from hospitals about the care provided to stroke patients for the first three days they spend in hospital.

Read the overview for South London sites

High level guidelines for patients accessing stroke services in South London

This document provides guidelines and protocols for managing stroke patients and transferring them to other sites across South London.
Updates to guidance for overseas visitors and patients with no fixed abode (March 2012)

Download the South London guidelines.

Sentinel Audit sector analysis

The stoke team at SLCSN have undertaken a critical analysis of the results found by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Stroke Sentinel Clinical Audit 2010. We have also included local intelligence on progress made since the audit was undertaken.

South West London analysis

South East London analysis

SLCSN Commissioning guidance six month review after stroke

The Accelerating Stroke Improvement (ASI) programme was established in March 2010 as a national initiative designed to ensure that maximum implementation of the Quality Markers in the National Stroke Strategy is achieved. The three major domains of emphasis for this programme of work are: Joining Up Prevention; Implementing Best Practice in Acute Care and Improving Post Hospital and Long Term Care.

There is strong onus on commissioners to establish robust review processes for stroke patients. However, the lack of evidence to guide the delivery of these reviews raises many questions. This guidance therefore seeks to answer these questions, focusing primarily on the six month review due to its inclusion in the ASI programme.

This work has been informed by patient and carer engagement activities that have been undertaken in South London, combined with feedback from service models piloted and implemented elsewhere, and work undertaken by the national Stroke Improvement Programme (SIP) team.

SLCSN Commissioning guidance six month review after stroke

CQC reports

The SLCSN stroke team have analysed the results of the January 2011 Care Quality Commission review of stroke services, together with local intelligence gathered, focusing on and including the individual Primary Care Trusts in South East London (SEL) and South West London (SWL).

The CQC reviews looked at the pathway of care for patients with stroke (or transient ischaemic attack) and their carers from the point where they prepare to leave hospital through to long term care and support in the community.

South East London analysis

South West London analysis


These documents outline the workplans for the next year (2011-2012) for the stroke workstreams.

South West London Acute workplan

South East London Acute workplan

South West London Rehab workplan

South East London Rehab workplan

ASI workplan

Service specifications

Documents outline the purpose, service scope, service delivery, criteria and obligations for the acute and community rehabilitaiton stroke services in South London. If you would like editible versions of our service specifications to use locally, please email the stroke team.

Acute service specification

Community rehab and ESD service specifications

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London Stroke Strategy

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Creating Champions across London

Life after stroke: Commissioning guide

Stroke lookup site

Need to know your local stroke unit? Find it on the London stroke unit lookup, www.londonsulookup.nhs.uk.