Stroke patient information

New patient information leaflet

When you have a stroke in London is a new leaflet from the South London Cardiac and Stroke Network which is aimed at providsing information to patients/carers/family when a patient is first admitted onto a Hyper Acute Stroke Unit in South London.

The leaflet includes useful information about:

  • What is a stroke?
  • When a stroke happens
  • Your first few days in hospital
  • Useful contacts

Different versions of the leaflet are available via the links below:

General stroke information

The Stroke Association has helpful information about stroke on its Web site such as:

  • What is a stroke?
    Strokes and TIAs explained including the main types, the effects they may have, and common causes.
  • Preventing a stroke
    What can be done to reduce your risk of stroke, including when a stroke or TIA has already occurred.
  • When a stroke happens
    How strokes are treated, including hospital tests and treatment and longer-term rehabilitation.
  • Life after stroke
    How to work towards regaining skills and adapting to life after stroke with professional help. Includes what practical, emotional and financial support is available for stroke survivors and their carers.
  • The Stroke Association
    What The Stroke Association does and how it may be able to help if stroke affects your life.

Transient Ischaemic Attack

TIA handouts in translation

TIA leaflets are now available in a variety of translations. They explain what a TIA is, how to lower your risk of stroke and what medications may be prescribed following TIA.

Psychological effects of stroke

NHS Southwark have designed and implemented an information leaflet aiming to help patients/carers to understand and cope with the changes which may follow a stroke. NHS Southwark have also designed an aphasia friendly leaflet on Life after stroke.

Links to the orignal versions and templates for other trusts to edit are below:

Psychological effects of stroke

Life after stroke (aphasia friendly)

Other links

Connect - the communication discability network:

NHS Improvement - Stroke:

Local links


Every year, an estimated 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke. That's one person every five minutes.

--The Stroke Association

Note: The SLCSN is not responsible for external information.

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Exercise class for stroke survivors

A new exercise class in Wimbledon has formed for stroke survivors. If you'd like to join, please e-mail us for details

FAST stroke poster

NHS Choices

Information on the National Stroke Strategy and the FAST campaign

Stroke lookup site

Need to know your local stroke unit? Find it on the London stroke unit lookup, www.londonsulookup.nhs.uk.