National priority projects: Stroke

The SLCSN works with the Stroke Improvement Programme (SIP), an NHS initiative that supports stroke networks and the implementation of the National Stroke Strategy.

The Network and SIP work closely with local NHS trusts and acute sites along with Healthcare for London, the Department of Health, the Stroke Association, and many other stroke organisations to manage and sustain service improvements and commissioning efficiencies that benefit stroke patients.

The Stroke Improvement Programme is currently working with 48 project sites across the country on five national projects across the stroke pathway.

Completed projects

Stepping Out - a new approach towards stroke patient self-management success

In process

NHS Lewisham stroke redesign - delivering an integrated pathway for improved transfer of care

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The role of stroke networks

This Healthcare for London document, published in 2008, defines the proposed role of stroke networks. It describes how Networks are to 'act as a cohesive bond between all those interested in stroke care delivery and enable a strategic direction to be set for a population.'

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