Accelerating Stroke Improvement

Accelerating Stroke Improvement provides intensive whole-system support to services to accelerate implementation of the National Stroke Strategy during 2010/11, with the aim of achieving key milestones in care across the stroke pathway covering prevention, acute services, and long-term care.

ASI documents

Operational guidance for 2011/12 - This guidance is intended to enhance comprehension of the operational definitions for the ASI measures. This guidance builds on and includes the points raised in ASI measures frequently asked questions document.

View the published files from the Stroke Improvement Programme which detail key focus areas, timescales, team roles and milestones and metrics:

Purpose of ASI

ASI is designed to ensure that maximum implementation of the Quality Markers in the National Stroke Strategy is achieved before the end of the financial year 2010/11. The programme does not redefine existing ambitions and goals, but does provide renewed emphasis and urgency, and values and spreads best practice accomplished to date.

While we've made great advancements in stroke acute care and awareness already, we must now expand those improvements along the entire pathway to include prevention, atrial fibrillation and long term care.

How ASI will be implemented

The programme will combine the efforts and activities of stroke networks, the NHS Stroke Improvement Programme and the Department of Health to mobilise local improvement initiatives, supported by SHA, PCT and Trust senior management.

Data will be reported on a regular basis, and will be monitored at national, regional and Network level. Networks will work with local teams to support service improvement and data management in order to deliver the key measures and aims by April 2011.

NHS Stroke Improvement data wall

Developed by the NHS Stroke Improvement Programme in 2009, the Stroke Data Wall is a sign-posting resource providing an overview of the current data landscape and supporting information about data collection and usage.

The stroke data wall is a useful resource for staff to develop a greater understanding of the scope of data sources currently available and may help you when looking at data collection for the Accelerating Stroke Improvement initiative.

The Stroke Data Wall is available on the NHS Improvement website.

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Summary metrics of ASI