The SLCSN core team

The SLCSN team works collaboratively across the South East and South West sectors to rapidly share information and innovative practise amongst our partner organisations. Team members come from a wide range of experience and clinical and process expertise.

Executive team

Project managers


Clinical leads


  • Dr Nick Bunce, Consultant cardiologist, St George's Healthcare NHS Trust


  • Gill Cluckie, Stroke specialist nurse, Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Geoff Cloud, Consultant stroke physician, St George's Healthcare NHS Trust


  • Dr Paul Baskerville, Consultant vascular surgeon at King's College Hospital

Prescribing adviser

  • Helen Williams, Pharmacy team leader, cardiac services, King's College Hospital NHS Trust

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The SLCSN works on various National Priority Projects in addition to other workstreams that improve care and increase financially viable productivity.

Our primary care and acute trusts

We partner with our primary care trusts (PCTs) and acute trusts across South London to improve cardiac and stroke care. Strong relationships and teamwork are essential to rapid change.

heart sculpture with ekg sensors