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At the SLCSN, we firmly believe that patients are the centre of healthcare and they drive our improvement efforts.

To ensure that patients, the public and healthcare professionals are connected, we have developed several groups to work together to advance cardiac and stroke care for all South London residents.

By listening to patients, we can better shape future healthcare services, in alignment with the NHS goals: preventative, people-centred and productive.

For patients

Patients who have experienced cardiac or stroke conditions are specialists in their experience, able to give informed opinions on ways to make services even better.

People Bank

Join our People Bank where you can sign up to participate in activities like surveys, interviews and focus groups.

To sign up to hear about our events and involvement opportunities e-mail the People Bank at People@slcsn.nhs.uk with your contact details.

Understanding that people want to be involved in different ways and at different times, participation in the People Bank is completely flexible. You choose the activities in which you would like to participate.

Participation levels

  • Interviews - whether at your home or at the hospital, we want to hear about your experiences
  • Patient diaries - Help us to understand healthcare services through your eyes--and your experiences
  • Questionnaires - Give your feedback in written form either online or by post
  • Focus groups - Join others with similar experiences to tackle difficult issues and uncover solutions
  • Sign up for our Patient/Public newsletter - Keep updated of our events and activities. Read the latest edition.

For healthcare professionals

We welcome the input of clinicians, managers and other healthcare professionals to our clinical reference group meetings.

If you work in the sector and would like to be involved in our efforts in advancing cardiac and stroke care across South London, please review our workstream areas and e-mail us with your interest.

External links

Patient Opinion.org.uk - Sharing your stories to help improve the NHS

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Patient/public news

E-mail us to receive our Patient newsletter each month to be updated on our events and activities. Read the latest edition.

Do you know what to do when someone has a stroke? Act FAST

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Four key areas of importance identified during recent cardiac patient events:

  • Pathways
  • Prevention and rehabilitation
  • Communication
  • Primary care
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Join our People Bank to give us your opinion.