Creating committed and competent nurses across London

Specialised knowledge. Standardised skills.
Invaluable clinical support.

The need for standardisation

Hyper Acute Stroke Units (HASUs) admit all acute stroke patients across London.

Implementation of the London stroke model resulted in significant recruitment of 400 nurses, many new to stroke as a specialty.

With this, a clear need for standardised competencies across London emerged.


The competencies, developed by the London Stroke Networks, encompass all of the key areas of HASU nursing care. The competencies are underpinned by a training and development framework including workbooks and e-learning packages.

The competencies are endorsed by the UK Forum for Stroke Training and adhere to the standards set out in the Stroke-Specific Education Framework (SSEF).

Stroke nursing competencies download

Updated in 2016 to reflect advances in clinical practice, the competencies workbook amalgamates two previous versions -- one for HASU nursing and one for SU nursing -- into one comprehensive document. This ensures that all patients will experience quality care, regardless of the acute London setting into which they are admitted.

To receive a copy of the London stroke nurse competencies workbook, please email the London Stroke Clinical Network or download them:

Note: Reproduction / modification is authorised only when the London Stroke Networks are acknowledged. Permission to reproduce / modify must be obtained prior to use via england.london-scn@nhs.net.


The competency modules are listed below. Links go to each accompanying e-learning package.

Stroke knowledge Complication, prevention and detection
Neurological care Communication
Thrombolysis care Secondary prevention
Respiratory End of life care
Cardiovascular care  

Creating the competencies

The London Stroke Networks created a group consisting of nursing representatives from each HASU.

The group developed the HASU nursing competencies though a systems approach using existing competency frameworks developed by the London Stroke Networks.

More information

Enquiries regarding the London HASU nursing competencies may be directed to the London Stroke Networks via email or on 020 8812 5950.

Therapy workbooks

A range of stroke education workbooks are available for download, including:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Stroke education for dieticians

Go to the therapy workbooks page

Stroke simulation training

View presentations from last HASU nursing study day