Creating Communications Champions across London

Overview of the project

The London Stroke Networks have partnered with Connect - the communication disability network to increase understanding of communication disabilities and help create meaningful change in the capital for patients with aphasia and other communication disabilities.

A joint project between the North East London Cardiac and Stroke Network, the South London Cardiac and Stroke Network and Connect - the communication disability network aims to improve access to services for stroke survivors with communication disabilities.

A group of 25 Communications Champions received training from Connect, providing them with the confidence and practical tools to improve the quality of communication for all service users. The Champions are committed to cascading this training to their colleagues, raising awareness and encouraging them to act. Small changes make a big difference in communication access.

Who we've trained

Those who have received the Connect communication disabilities training range include chaplains, nurses, facilities managers, volunteeers and more.

View a list of those trained and a sample of the pledges they've made.

Project results

At the conclusion of the project, there will hopefully be 600 healthcare professionals with the understanding of how to alter their documents, environment and interactions to accommodation all patients with communication disabilities.

The training isn't just to aid patients with aphasia, but for all service users with communication disabilities.

Follow up session

A follow up lessons learned / mentoring meeting was recently held, where the Champions could share wins and challenges encountered during their cascaded training sessions.

All were pleased by the resulting pledges, simple, easy-to-enact changes that would increase accessibility for patients. Whether it was changing a sign to be more aphasia-friendly or coaching those who treat patients on how to better communicate through gestures or pictures, the Champions were able to teach their colleagues that these changes are not just for stroke survivors with aphasia, but for all patients with communication disabilities.

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Project update slides

Connect news page
Connect course page

Who's been trained?

Map of Champion sites
By pathway
By sector


The Champions share how they overcame challenges and their future plans.

Natalie Doyle, Speech and Language Therapist, Tower Hamlets (left) and Alicia Exposito-Ramos, Speech and Language Therapist, Waltham Forest (right)

Sarah Foster, Communications and Events Lead, North East London Cardiovascular and Stroke Network

Sara Parsons, Speech and Language Therapist, NHS Kingston (left) and Chris Jones, Stroke Co-ordinator, Royal Borough of Kingston (right)