Pan-London heart failure nurse education event

4 May 2010

Please review the presentations from the 4 May event at St Thomas' Hospital.

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HF nurses: You're worth it! Ensuring and proving the financial viability of heart failure services

QIPP quality markers, workload/capacity, costing your service (227 kb) - Candy Jeffries, National Improvement Lead, Heart Improvement

Sharing best practice: Self audits using CCAD - Hospital HF service (762 kb) - Annie O'Donaghue, HFNS, Guys and St. Thomas' Hospital

Sharing best practice: Self audits - Community HF service (86 kb) - Philippa Askew, HFNS, Lewisham Community

Sharing best practice: UCLH heart failure scorecard (1.76 MB) - Alison Hall, Service Improvement Manager, NCL Cardiac and Stroke Network

Patient communication - End of Life management

An integrated approach and multidisciplinary team working in End of Life (465 kb) - David Smith, HFNS-Brent community, and Lauren Berry, PCNS-St. Luke's Hospice

Patient communication: End of life care for all e-learning (3.6 MB) - Dr. Jayne Chidgey-Clark, Director-End of Life Care, Guys & St Thomas' Hospital

Device therapy and deactivation

Devices, new developments, identifying and assessing patients for devices (3.0 MB) - Dr. Dominic Rogers, Consultant Cardiologist - devices, Royal Free Hospital

Deactivation of devices - whose responsibility, how best done (183 kb) - Ian Wright, Principal Cardiac Physiologist, Imperial College Hospital

Deactivation from a nurse's perspective - a patient's journey (1.5 MB) - Julia DeCourcey, HF Nurse Consultant, Kings College Hospital

Understanding heart failure from the carer's perspective

HF from a carer's perspective, where to find help and what help is available (1.1 MB) - Sirkka Thomas, HF Carer

IV Furosemide in the community

engaging presentations

Drug challenge of administering IV furosemide in the community: why, why not (477 kb) - Helen Williams, Consultant Pharmacist for Cardiovascular Diseases-Southwark PCT

How we administer IV furosemide in the community (1.5 MB) - Dr. Callum Chapman, Consultant General Physician HF, W. Middlesex Univiversity Hospital and Helen Penston, HFNS - West Middlesex University Hospital