Our talented professionals at the SLCSN are creative, innovative, and possess clinical expertise paired with a keen sense of building relationships. Our success is built upon the abilities of our team and their drive to create meaningful change for our partner healthcare organisations. We maintain a respectful, collaborative culture that encourages and rewards career growth for those that reach towards their goals.

staff discussing projects

The SLCSN looks for individuals who enjoy the challenges that result in improved cardiac and stroke care across South London. To join our team, please forward your CV to info@slcsn.nhs.uk.

Our success is built on the talent of our team and the drive to create meaningful change.

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Partnering with healthcare organisations across South London to advance cardiac and stroke care


In partnering with PCTs, healthcare commissioners, carers and patients, the SLCSN will ensure that South Londoners receive comprehensive, high-quality cardiac and stroke care surpassing national targets, with the patient perspective as the driving force.