Cardiac rehabilitation workstream

What is cardiac rehabilitation (CR)

According to Patient UK, cardiac rehabilitation is the process by which a person who is suffering from ischaemic heart disease, or who has had a myocardial infarction (MI), is encouraged to achieve their full potential in terms of physical and psychological health.

In order to be successful, cardiac rehabilitation must draw on the skills of many members of the healthcare team and involve a combination of education, psychological support, exercise training and behavioural change.

National priority project

A comprehensive approach to cardiac rehabilitation across South London

The aims of this project were:

  • To improve access to cardiac rehab for all groups of cardiac patients
  • To reduce inequalities throughout the sector
  • To improve uptake by providing a sector-wide service that is responsive to the needs of patients and clinicians
  • To ensure providers and commissioners are working together to plan, develop and commission appropriate services for local populations.

One year into the project

In one year, the team has found that work to reduce inequalities in access to CR for different patient groups is progressing well in many areas, including the development of a number of new programmes.

  • A successful ICD CR pilot has been rolled out sector-wide
  • A new community IHD CR programme has commenced targeted specifically at hard to reach populations
  • A new community programme incorporating heart failure rehab has been developed with network support
  • A local PCT has agreement to develop a stable angina community CR programme, supported by discovery interviews conducted by network leads.

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  • BACR Phase IV - BACR Exercise Instructor training is aimed at exercise professionals who are looking to develop their knowledge in safe and effective exercise programming for individuals with cardiac disease
  • Skills for Health - CHD competences

Event papers

South London Cardiac Rehab Network Group meeting
13 July 2010

SLCSN events

In May 2009 the SLCSN held a very successful event, Fitter for the Future: Building best practice in cardiac rehabilitation. Attendees ranged in role from cardiologists to commissioners to public health leads.

The event aimed to increase collaboration, communication and understanding of issues related to commissioning and tariff development.

View the presentations from the event.

Currently, many people who might benefit do not receive adequate cardiac rehabilitation

National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease

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Quality, innovation and value in cardiac rehabilitation

NHS Improvement's interactive digital resource captures all the learning from the development, roll out and implementation of the Commissioning Pack for Cardiac Rehabilitation (2010) together with other leading NHS Improvement work driving up quality and efficiency in CR services.

Chapter 7 of the NSF

Chapter seven of the National Service Framework (NSF) for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) was launched in 2000 and details the reasons for providing cardiac rehabilitation, the aims, priorities and service models.

British Association for Cardiac Rehabiliation standards and core components

The BACR have defined minimum standards and core components for CR services to ensure that all service providers, health professionals and service users understand the requirements.

BACR Exercise Professionals Group (EPG) Position statement: Essential competences and minimum qualifications required to lead the exercise component in early CR

Psychological Issues for Health Professionals working in Cardiac Rehabilitation

10th/11th March 2011, Central London

Please contact info@bacreducation.co.uk for further details and application forms

Details of BACR's extensive educational programme can be found at www.bacreducation.co.uk